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Lotnummer: 1600
100 Shares of $100. green, black. No 115. Interest in a line linking Colorado to the Gulf of Mexico dates from the late 1860s. The Fort Worth and Denver City was formed 1873 to build the Texas section, with the DT&FW to build the Colorado section south from Pueblo. Services opened 1888. Both companies went into receivership 1893 but reorganised 1895 under the name DT&FW. Had great influence in opening up northwest Texas and the Pandhandle, built the stockyards at Wichita Falls to avoid long cattle drives, developed agriculture (seed research, etc.). With another company, operated the first steamlined trains in TX (Fort Worth-Houston). Merged into Burlington Northern 1982. Vignette of a steam loco. Signed as President by Grenville Dodge. He gained some fame during the Civil War as intelligence chief of Ulysses Grant and went on to become U.S. Congressman and railroad executive, playing an important role in the building of the Transcontinental RR.
DODGE, Grenville
Datum: 188.
Kwaliteit: EF
Startprijs: € 50