Hier ziet u de resultaten van onze 68ste veiling (30 april 2022). Niet verkochte loten kunnen tem 22 mei bekomen worden aan de gewone veilingsvoorwaarden. Wie eerst komt, eerst maalt!

Lotnummer: 1249
PARIS. Action de F100. Serie A. blue, red. #110000. No 12805. Central fold, edge-splits (repaired). Decorative share of a company formed Paris, 1905, by the Legasse family of Bayonne for cod-fishing. Operated from the ports of Fécamp and La Pallice, to Greenland, Newfoundland, and St.Pierre & Miquelon (where it was the major French cod-fishing company until WWII). Merged in 1913 with the S.A. de Secheries de Fécamp and became the 'Compagnie Générale de Grande Peche'. The house flag showed a codfish on red, white and blue. Art nouveau/Jugendstil design, with border of stylised flowers, leaves, garlands, ribbons, etc, and two vignettes of cod-fishing boats.
Thema's: FISHERY
Datum: 15 March 1927
Kwaliteit: VF
Startprijs: € 50