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Lotnummer: 528
Bond of 10.000 Pounds. black. A little edge-damage. James Watson was appointed as purchasing commissary by and for the State of Connecticut on 24 April 1780. There was a penal sum of 10,000 pounds associated with the function - the obligation for Watson to pay it was to be void if he faithfully pays 'all the monies he shall receive from the Treasurer by orders from the Pay-Table' (etc.). In other words this seems to be some kind of a guarantee linked to him taking up the function as state purchasing commissary. James Watson (1750-1806), who has signed this certificate, was a Yale graduate and served as captain in the Continental army until May 1778. His appointment as purchasing commissary lasted only several months in 1780. Watson moved to New York City, became a wealthymerchant, and engaged in state politics. He became member of the U.S. Senate and remained a pronounced Federalist until his death. Note on the back states that Watson complied with the condition of this bond and hence it was delcared to be null and void(Oct. 28, 1783).
Datum: 24 April 1780
Kwaliteit: VF
Startprijs: € 400