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Lotnummer: 509
PARIS. 5% Rentes Perpetuelles of 600 Livres. Cat. CI.4C2. black. No 113. The Compagnie des Indes was founded in 1664 by Colbert and was granted the state monopoly of trade with the East Indies and the Pacific. Early in the reign of Louis XV, in 1719, John Law incorporated the Compagnie des Indes and the other established trading companies, being the Senegal, the Chinese, the African and the Sainte-Domingue companies into one new entity, the Compagnie d'Occident, otherwise known as the Compagnie du Mississippi, itself founded in 1717. The whole company was renamed Compagnie des Indes. At this time there was wild speculation in the Company's shares, these rising to 4.000% of the par value, but then fell catastrophically in October 1720. Some investors had made a fortune, the majority had lost heavily and many were ruined. Nevertheless the company survived, and made three issues of rentes in the eighteenth century. Furthermore, three reissues were made by the Caisse des Amortissements in respect of the Company's liabilities. This contract &certificat belongto the second issue by the Caisse. They were issued as a replacement of the promissory notes issued by the Company in 1755. As such, the holder received a perpetual annuity. The receipt of paper of 4 pages is tied into the contract also of 4 pages. Highest rarity (5) according to Howard Shakespeare in "France The Royal Loans - Les EmpruntsRoyaux 1689-1789". Extremely rare. See also lot 502.
Datum: 3 July 1771
Kwaliteit: VF
Startprijs: € 400