Hier ziet u de resultaten van onze 68ste veiling (30 april 2022). Niet verkochte loten kunnen tem 22 mei bekomen worden aan de gewone veilingsvoorwaarden. Wie eerst komt, eerst maalt!

Lotnummer: 64
On the European Continent, Belgium was among the very first countries to build an extensive railroad network. Most major lines were state-owned, others were financed by private companies. In parallel, a strong manufacturing industry developed to support the construction of railroads, trains, etc. This collection consists of 163 different shares and bonds issued by Belgian companies active in the local railroad manufacturing industry (thus not the railroad operating firms). It is an important illustration of a key segment of the Belgian industrial past. We first give collectors the change to buy the entire collection in this single lot. Only in the case that no buyer turns up, we'll be offering the different certificates by company (see lots 65-143). The sum of the start prices is 3510 EUR. Yet, taking the wishes of the consigning collector into consideration, we first offer the entire collection at a considerable discount (2000 EUR) so that it can be preserved in its completeness.
Datum: various dates
Kwaliteit: VF-EF
Startprijs: € 2000