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Cert. of Deposit, 7% conv. sinking fund note. purple, black. American Austin (from 1935 Bantam) produced cars at its Butler PA works from 1930 to 1941. At first it produced the English Austin Seven under Licence. However, the car was too small to appeal to the American market, and sales were poor. The company wentinto receivership in 1934, to be replaced by the American Bantam Car Co. No cars at all were produced in 1936/7, and new larger models from 1938 onwards were still poor sellers. In 1940 the Bantam company produced the first successful Jeep prototype for the U.S. Army, but could not cope with the volume required, and the big orders went to Willys and Ford. The company then abandoned car manufacture for good. Specimen.
Thema's: AUTOS
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