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Lotnummer: 1564
AMSTERDAM. Negotiatie Obligatie van Fl.1000. black. No 109. Heavy folds with a few splits. Mortgage bond investment issued by a "negotiatie" (see below), and secured on several Dutch plantations in Suriname, the former Dutch Guiana, on the northeast coast of South America. The plantations typically produced cotton, sugar, coffee, cocoa, bananas and a range of other tropical crops. The bond yielded 6% and was intented to be paid back after a 10 years' period in which only the interest would be paid. Capital repayment would follow in the following 10 years,at 10% a year. This certificate however still has the coupons from 1776 onwards, so was probably not very successful. A "negotiatie" is an early Dutch financial innovation, being what we would call today an investment fund, in this case in plantation investments. A negotiatie thus acts as a financing company, with a management (here headed by the Amsterdam merchant Frans de Wilde) and participants. The first of these was formed in 1753 by the Amsterdam banker and Mayor Willem Gideon Deutz. The early "negotiaties" turned out to be disasters as the plantations were overvalued and much money was wasted. After fruitless attempts by various merchants, more success came when the price of West Indian crops started to rise (1769 onwards).
Thema's: BEFORE 1800
Datum: 1 August 1770
Kwaliteit: F-VF
Startprijs: € 200