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Lotnummer: 1163
St Petersburg. Nominative Share of 250 Rbls. green, black. No 14381. Folds. This was one of RUssia's largest river and maritime joint-stock shipping companies. Established 1859 through the merger of the Volga Shipping Co. Merkurii and the newly established Caspian Sea Shipping Co. Kavkaz. The "K & M" Co. was established with the assistance of the Ministry of Finance and the Caucasian Lieutenant General Duke A.I. Baryatinsky. The Russian government gave the company the sole right of carrying mail, troops, and military cargoes, and an annual subsidy of 350.000 Rbls. Forthe maintenance of regular ship trips to meet the needs of the state participation in direct transit for Black-Sea-Caucasus-Volga-Transcaspian communications as well as making use of t e Astrakhan Military District's hardware made available to the Company in 1878, including the shipyard. The K&M was the first to launch iron barges on the Volga River and to build and equip wharfs, storage facilities, repair shops at all ports on the Volga and Caspian Sea. In 1905, the Company purchased an oil field in Bibi-Eybat Bay. Gradually, the company enlarged and improved its fleet. In 1869-1870, the (first-ever on the Volga) American-type motor vessel "The Emperor Alexander II" was purchased in Belgium. In 1876, the company introduced a regular 8 dayconnection between Nizhny Novgorod and Baku. From 1880, the Company began building its own steamships. In 1901, the K&M opened agencies in Tehran and other Persian cities. Expansion through several acquisitions of other Russian shipping companies followed. By 1916, the company had a fleet of more than 900 steamships and 350 diesel locomotives. Nationalised in 1918. The share we offer several share transfer notes on the back, the first one is dated 1873.
Datum: 1872
Kwaliteit: VF
Startprijs: € 300