Résultats de vente

Ici vous trouvez les résultats de notre 68ème vente qui a eu lieu le 30 Avril 2022. Les lots non-vendus sont disponible jusqu'au 22 Mai 2022.

No. du lot: 1310
LONDON. Ordinary Shares of £1. blue. No 487584. Vignettes of a tropical oilfield, storage tanks and tanker-ships. The company was formed in 1897 to take over the business of M.Samuel& Co., the oil business of Graham & Co. and various distribution companies working in the Far East. Samuel started inbusiness manufacturing boxes from sea-shell, and this gave the new company its name. Later, Samuel went into the oil business, opening offices in Japan and importing kerosene from U.S.A. The Graham company was active in India, building oil storage areas. Samuel had oil-tankers built, and developed oil-trading in India, Indochina, Japan and eastern Siberia. In 1897 Royal Dutch was becoming the leader of the Far East oil industry, and Samuel felt the need to reorganise in face of this competition.It acquired enormous concessions on the east of Borneo, and built a large refinery at Balikpapan. This was not entirely successful. 1902 saw a cooperation agreement between the major oil companies in the far East, followed in 1907 by a further agreement consolidating the Shell and Royal Dutch interests. All production assets of the two companies were transferred to Anglo-Saxon Petroleum Co.Ltd and Bataafsche Petroleum Mij; Shell held 40% of the shares of each. Shell ceased to be a productioncompany, but a holding company, as it still is today.
Thèmes: OIL
Date: 15 March 1929
Qualité: VF
Prix de départ: € 50