Résultats de vente

Ici vous trouvez les résultats de notre 68ème vente qui a eu lieu le 30 Avril 2022. Les lots non-vendus sont disponible jusqu'au 22 Mai 2022.

No. du lot: 667
TEXAS. AUSTIN. 10% Bond of $500. black, buff paper. No 865. Criswell 40F - rarity 7. An angel with an eagle, and a sailor shows his ship to Mercury. Lone star of Texas. Texas was a part of Mexico under Spanish rule, and remained so after Mexico finally became independent in 1821. However, Americans were entering the territory, and pressure increased for closer links with the U.S.A. In 1835 the American settlers organised a provisional government. In 1836 the Mexican commander Santa Anna besieged and captured the Alamo. Every man was killed, but the delay allowed Sam Houston to organise another army, which defeated the Mexicans at the San Jacinto river. The independent Republic of Texas was declared. The republic had a troubled history, and in 1845 the U.S. government offered statehood, which was accepted. This stock certificate brought little benefit to its owner, since, during the life of the Republic, the paper Texas dollar fell to 2 cents U.S. A fine piece of history. Cut-cancelled.
Date: 15 June 1840
Qualité: VF
Prix de départ: € 340