Résultats de vente

Ici vous trouvez les résultats de notre 68ème vente qui a eu lieu le 30 Avril 2022. Les lots non-vendus sont disponible jusqu'au 22 Mai 2022.

No. du lot: 649
In his famous book on Confederate Bonds, Col. Grover C. Criswell also catalogued the various bonds issued by the Southern States before, during and after the U.S. Civil War. The collection we offer here was built around this fascinating theme. As such,you'll discover in the next lots (650-728) 75 different bonds issued by the 11 states who formed together the Confederacy and broke away from the United States in 1861 to 1865. Thesewere Virginia, Texas, North & South Carolina, Mississippi, Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee, Arkansas, Florida and Louisiana. We first offer the entire collection as one single lot with a start price of 6000 EUR. If no buyer is found, we offer the bonds state by state, and, for those 'state lots' which remain unsold, we offer the individual bonds one by one.
Date: various dates
Qualité: VF
Prix de départ: € 8000