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No. du lot: 486
PARIS/BAYONNE. Action de 1000 livres. black. No 176. Receipt for the sum of 1000 livres paid to the company, and acceptance of the holder's interest for that amount, thus a share certificate. The Basques were the first to hunt whales, in the 14th century, at first near the coast, then in the Arctic seas off Greenland, and later further south, in the North Atlantic, even to Labrador and the mouth of the St.Lawrence. The Dutch learned from the Basques, and in the 16th century, formed a company in Amsterdam to catch whales. They chased the whales in the Arctic Seas, where life was very hard, but there the whales were longer, and fatter than in other seas, and thus gave purer oil. After that, most European countries on the Atlantic followed. Around the date of this paper, the Basque whalers sailed on some 30 whaling-ships, of 250 tons, with a crew of 50. They had provisions for six months, and carried 5 or 6 small boats which were used only near the whales, and chased and harpooned them. It seems likely that the company issuing this paper was basedat Bayonne, the Basque city and centre of the French whaling industry. Only one other pieces known to us (in a collection).
Thèmes: BEFORE 1800, FISHERY
Date: 21 November 1753
Qualité: VF-EF
Prix de départ: € 2000