Résultats de vente

Ici vous trouvez les résultats de notre 63ème vente qui a eu lieu le 9 Novembre 2019. 

No. du lot: 893
Share. black. No 841. The company built a railway, which opened in 1836. It was essentially a 'feeder' to the Liverpool and Manchester Railway. In 1845 it amalgamated with another to become the St.Helens Canal & Railway. The line ran from St.Helens to Widnes, mainly freightbut also passengers connecting to the northwest. The railway was absorbed into the London & Northwestern Railway in 1864. Most of the line is now derelict. The share is apparently a provisonal certificate, with spaces for paying the various instalments.One of the first railroad shares known - 1830!
Date: 1830
Qualité: EF
Prix de départ: € 200