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Ici vous trouvez les résultats de notre 63ème vente qui a eu lieu le 9 Novembre 2019. 

No. du lot: 887
Share. black. No 3577. Folds. Extremely early railway in west Gloucestershire to allow exploitation of the mineral resources of the Forest of Dean, mainly iron ore and coal. The Severn and Wye Railway was authorized by parliament in 1809 as the Lydney & Lydbrook Railway. It changed its title to the Severn and Wye Railway and Canal Co. in the following year. The railway was opened in 1810 between Lydney and Lydbrook via Serridge Junction, as tramway operated by horses. The company also constructed the one-mile Lydney Canalbetween 1810 and 1813. In 1865 five locomotives were purchased by the line, the railway was largely converted into broad gauge in 1868-9, two more engines were added in 1872 and later that year the railway was converted to standard gauge. The Mineral Loop was opened in 1872 and a branch to Coleford from Parkend opened in 1876. At its largest extent the railway consisted of 39 miles of track. The first passenger train ran in 1875 between Lydney and Lydbrook. When the Severn Railway Bridge opened in 1879, the Severn Bridge Railway was amalgamated with the Severn and Wye Railway. In 1894 the Great Western Railway and Midland Railway jointly bought the company. Finally nationalised in 1948. Today, many parts of the railway have been converted into cycle and footpaths although one part (between Parkend and Lydney) has been restored and opened as the Dean Forest Railway. 4-page document with imprinted seal. To the best of our knowledge, this is one of the earliest railway shares known worldwide and extremely rare: since many years only 3 or 4 pieces are known to have survived.
Date: 31 December 1814
Qualité: VF-EF
Prix de départ: € 2000