Résultats de vente

Ici vous trouvez les résultats de notre 63ème vente qui a eu lieu le 9 Novembre 2019. 

No. du lot: 363
KARACHI. Shares of £10. black. No 544. Attractive vignette of a steam-tram pulling a passenger coach and a freight-wagon. Formed London 1884 to build a freight and passenger tramway network from the port to the arsenal and the Empress market in Karachi, now in Pakistan. Reconstructed under same name 1902. Liquidated 1950. The original steam-trams were not very successful, and part replaced by horse-trams in 1886. In 1905 by petrol-driven trams. The freight function was needed as Karachi port was not very deep and transport for freight, unloaded at the end of the pier, was needed into the city. The lot includes a large format map of the tramways and railways of the city of Karachi, and the link up-country.
Date: 11 August 1885
Qualité: EF
Prix de départ: € 500