Résultats de vente

Ici vous trouvez les résultats de notre 63ème vente qui a eu lieu le 9 Novembre 2019. 

No. du lot: 65
AMSTERDAM. 1. Aandeel Fl.1000, specimen, 1898. 2. Onder-Aandeel Fl.250, specimen, 1898. 3. Winst-Bewijs II, 1904. 4. & 5. Bewijs van Winst-Aandeel, 1898. The company owned two mining concessions: Pagoeat and Ilota, both in the Pagoeat district on the Island of Celebes. Some gold and copper were found and the exploration took of. The concessions were taken over by the Mount Pami Mining Co. in 1909 and this company was consequently liquidated. 1 & 2 have an underprint of a village-scene, with villagers watchingthe return of a hunting-party, palm-trees, and distant mountains.
Thèmes: COLONIES, GOLD & SILVER MINING, IMPORT & EXPORT, MINES (no gold, silver, coal)
Date: 1898-1904
Qualité: EF
Prix de départ: € 100