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PARIS. Action de F100. green, orange. #650000. No 381810. As we all learned in high school, the Panama Canal connects the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. Its construction was one of the largest and most difficult engineering projects ever undertaken. It is doubtless one of the most important canals in the world. The share we offer is designed and engraved by Henri Brauer, and shows French and Indian ladies watching a ship and a train. This company was formed in 1894 by the liquidators of the original canal company. It acquired most of the assets of its predecessor, and continued to work on the canal project. The engineering problems of the old company had been resolved. However, the financial problems were made even worse by the serious attention of the U.S. government to the idea of a canal from theAtlantic to the Pacific through Nicaragua (which would have been a serious rival to the Panama Canal). The U.S. was worried that a canal across central America, so important to it, would be under foreign control, so an American-owned canal across Nicaragua was an attractive idea. Panama became independent in 1903, and this gave the U.S. government the chance to acquire the concession from the French company. This was done in 1904, and the French company was liquidated. A historically important and visually attractive piece.
Datum: 1894
Erhaltung: VF
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