Losnummer: 643
MISSOURI. ST.LOUIS. Shares of $5. black, gold seal. No 132. Folds. Company founded 1910 to build a commercial passenger airship that would carry up to 100 passengers at a speed of up to 100 miles per hour. It could start from land or water, and could ascend straight into the air or be launched like an aeroplane(thus described as a gyroplane). It would be built of aluminium and macadamite, and have two engines, driving four propellers of 12-feet diameter. It could be built in any size, fro a two-man runabout to a monster carrying 50 or 100 passengers. Not unsurprisingly, there came nothing of the project. So the big question is whether this was a bona fide company or a scheme to defraud investors. Large futuristic vignette of the airship - see picture!
Branchen: AVIATION
Datum: 23 December 1910
Erhaltung: EF
Startpreis: € 400