C.D.F. S.A., CIE AUX. INTERNAT. (4 types)

Losnummer: 92
BRUXELLES. 1. Action Privilégiée de F100, 1887, brown & green. 2. Same, 1891. 3. Part Sociale, brown, 1919. 4. Same, 1930. In 1881, Empain participated in the creation of La Co. Auxiliaire Belge de CDF, a subsidiary of "La Métallurgique". Its purpose consisted of leasing, instead of selilng, railway material, in order to redurce the company's cyclical nature. In 1886, the company was sold to the Société Générale, which in turn brought it into the newly founded Co. Auxiliaire Internationale de CDF.
Provinz: BRABANT
Datum: 1887-1930
Erhaltung: F-VF
Startpreis: € 80