Losnummer: 1519
LONDON. Shares. black. No 12461-80. Somewhat damaged left border. Vignettes of a miner by a mine, Greek goddesses and ladies in a park. Formed London, 1825, as one of the very first companies formed for mining (for gold, silver, tin, copper and lead) in the newly-independent former Spanish colonies in Latin America. This mine was located in the north of Chile and was dissolved as early as 1828, as so many calls on shares were unpaid, and the shares forfeited, that there was insufficient capital to continue the work. This is however the only early Chilian mining piece we know of. It precedes any other Chilian share (mining or other) we know of with almost 50 years (1872, Mines d'argent de Vallenar) !
Branchen: GOLD & SILVER MINING, MINES (no gold, silver, coal)
Datum: 1 September 1825
Erhaltung: VF
Startpreis: € 600