Losnummer: 1060
BUCURESTI. 1. Actiune de Lei 500, 1905. 2. Same, 10 Actiuni valore nom. de Lei 5000, 1919. 3. Same, Actiune de Lei 500, 1919. 4. Same, 5 Actiuni Lei 2500, 1919. 5. Same, Actiune de Lei 500, 1920. 6. Same, with stamp. 7. Same, Actiune de Leii 500, Duplicat, 1920. 8. Same, with stamp. 9. Same, 5 Actiuni Lei 2500, 1920. One of the oldest banks in Rumania, founded by Jewish interests as a private banking house in 1848. In 1921 it became a share company, with a capital of 8 million lei. This rose later to 125 million lei. The bank had relations with powerful banking groups in Germany, Austria, France and the USA, and became one of the principals channels for capital to enter the Rumanian economy. By 1920 it was the most powerful commercial bank in Rumania, with 25 branches in the country and also in Paris, Istanbul, Vienna and New York. It was heavily involved in Rumanian politics. During the crisis of 1930 the bank was unable to pay its depositors, and became bankrupt, but was rescued by the Rumanian National Bank ; which granted it credit to survive. The bank then obtained valuable state monopolies in certain parts of the economy, and continued in business until 1948, when it was nationalised by the new communist government.
Branchen: BANK & FINANCE
Datum: 1905-1920
Erhaltung: VF
Startpreis: € 300