Losnummer: 945
NAPLES. 1 Action de L.25. purple, black. #60000. No 276. Text in Italian and French. Wide view of the city of Naples, with Vesuvius in the background, and a Darracq car in front. Automobiles Darracq S.A. was a French motor vehicle manufacturing company founded in 1896 by Alexandre Darracq. Using part of the substantial profit he had made from selling his Gladiator bicycle factory, Alexandre Darracq began operating from a plant in the Paris suburb of Suresnes. The company started by building electric motor carriages until 1900 when they produced their first vehicle with an internal combustion engine. The Darracq automobile company prospered and the 1904 "Flying Fifteen" was a production model of exceptional quality that helped the company capture a 10% share of the French auto market. In 1902, Alexandre Darracq signed a contract with Adam Opel to jointly produce vehicles in the German Empire under the brand name "Opel Darracq." Three years later, the company expanded to the Britain, incorporating the A. Darracq Company (1905) Limited with acapitalization of £650,000. In 1906 the company expanded to Portello, a Milan suburb in Italy. They established Società Italiana Automobili Darracq (SIAD) through a licensing with Cavaliere Ugo Stella, an aristocrat from Milan. The business did not do well and Darracq shut it down in 1909 but a new partnership called Anonima Lombarda Fabbrica Automobili (A.L.F.A.) acquired the business, overstamping the shares with the new name. A few years later this became Alfa Romeo! Extremely rare and attractivepiece.
Branchen: AUTOS
Datum: 15 May 1906
Erhaltung: EF
Startpreis: € 800