Losnummer: 813
1 Share. black. No 10. Folds. The Industrial Revolution brought a high demand for coal and iron, which were both abundant in the region of the Forest of Dean, South Wales. However, the region lacked adequate transport and was hence isolated from its potential markets. Moreover, the hilly terrain was unsuitable for canal-building. The logical solution consisted of building a private railway from Bullo Pill to Cinderford Bridge (7,5 miles). The Bullo Pill Railway Co. was incorporated on May 5, 1809 with a capital of £125,000. The railway aimed to transport the output of the Forest to the river Severn. All traffic was hore-drawn, using four-wheeled wagons. Its railway tunnel completed in 1810 was with 1,083 yards the longest in the world. As the Napoleonic Wars brought about a recession, the railway came in financial distress. It was bought by Edward Protheroe, who introduced plans to revitalize it. After a second Act of Parliament on 5 May 1826 the line turned into a public company and was renamed the Forestof Dean Railway Co. The railway offered an impetus to a large variety of industries, among which new colleries, iron mines, stone quarries, iron workds, bickworks, chemical works and timber yards. The line was eventually bought in 1849 by the South Wales Railway, a subsidiary of the Great Western Railway. The share we offer is a founder share of this Company and has a nice seal showing a horse-pulled train behind a tree, symbolising the Forest. Issued to Benjamin Newton. First time we see this share in any auction. Its extremely early date, historic importance and obvious rarity make this a true top piece.
Datum: 30 August 1826
Erhaltung: EF
Startpreis: € 2000