Losnummer: 690
NORDRHEIN-WESTFALEN. PARIS. Action de F2000. black. No 138. In 1807 Napoleon, as Protector of the Confederation of the Rhine, decreed that certain properties were to be taken over by him. Among these was an estate at Rulle , near Osnabrück. The Société de Westphalie was formed to commercialise these properties, selling shares at F2000 each in exchange for one year's revenue from an estate. The Rulle estate (and this share) was allocated to André Burthe (1772-1830). He was an important solider under Napoleon, rising to the rank of Brigade General and granted a Baron title. Corner vignettes of the crowned 'N' arms of Napoleon. Red seal of the company. Napoleonic shares are very rarely available on the collectors' market. The share has staining and is taped on a piece of paper from that period.
Branchen: BEFORE 1800
Datum: 16 April 1811
Erhaltung: F-VF
Startpreis: € 400