Result list 5 November 2022

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Lotnumber: 535
6% Bond of 90,827 Dollars. black. Generally worn condition with heavy folds and splits. More edge-damage at the top (outside the printed part of the bond). Large format with text in English and Spanish. News of the French Revolution and the American Revolutionary War brought liberal ideas to Latin America. After the French seized power in Spain, Buenos Aires formed its own junta on May 25, 1810 and invited the other provinces to join. It declared its independence in 1811. Military campaigns led by General José de San Mart¡n between1814 and 1817 made independence increasingly a reality. In 1816, a Congress gathered in Tucum n and finally issued a formal declaration of independence from Spain. The United Kingdom officially recognized Argentine independence in 1825, with the signing of a Treaty of Friendship, Commerce, and Navigation on February 2. This allowed Argentina and its states to raise finance on the London capital market, and so led to the Barings loans, of which this is a part. The loan soon went into default, and remained there until 1857, when a settlement was reached. Arms of Argentina. Handsigned by "Don Manuel H. du Aguirre", President of Buenos Ayres, also endorsed and signed by the British Consul there. Extremely early date for South American scripophily. Scarce.
Date: 11 July 1833
Quality: F
Startprice: € 300