Result list 5 November 2022

Here are the results of our 5 November 2022 sale. Unsold items can be purchased in our after-sale at the start price plus 20% sales commission (+ VAT/Postage if applicable). First come, first served. Offer valid until 4 Dec. 2022.

Lotnumber: 524
MADRID. Accion de 1000 reales. black. No 2518. The company was formed by Royal Decree in 1789, and was based in Madrid. The capital was 50 million pesos in shares of 1,000 pesos, with a first (and perhaps only) issue of 6 million pesos. The objectives of the company were to catch fish and sea-creatures in all seas of Europe, Africa and America, and to salt and smoke them. The licence also covered the catching of whales and other large sea-creatures, to obtain oil and fat. After only three months the company was incorporated into a new company, the Compania de Seguros Terrestres y Maritimos. The certificates are in fine copper-engraving, with hand-written inserts and a very large vignette of maritime themes - fish, eel, nets, hooks, anchors, galleons, etc. Among the signatures is thatof Antonio Vazquez Requant, a founder and director of the company, well-known in Spain as the author of the 'Dictionary of Fishing in Spain'. Extremely rare.
Themes: BEFORE 1800, FISHERY
Date: 1 October 1789
Quality: VF-EF
Startprice: € 3000