Result list 5 November 2022

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Lotnumber: 484
OOST-VLAANDEREN. OUDENAERDE. Life Annuity. black. The widow WalburgaSeghers gave 50 Pounds to the local gold-& silversmith Joannes Benedictus Van der Meersch in return for an annual rente of 2 pounds for the next 25 years. Repayment was settled in 1807 through the issue of a new rente. We offer this handwritten rente in duplicate: surely one was kept with the issuer, Mr. Van der Meersch, while the other was a copy for Mrs. Seghers. Jan-Benedict van der Meersch (1743-1830), who signed the rente, was a smith of some fame with his own master brand and at least 36 of his works are reported to have survived. He also built an important numismatic collection, publicly sold after his death. It seems that apart from smith, he also acted as a local banker, as evidenced by this most unusual document. The lot includes a complete typed transcript of the text (Flemish).
Date: 27 March 1793
Quality: VF
Startprice: € 200