Result list 5 November 2022

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Lotnumber: 398
BERLIN. Aktie über 20.000.000 RM. black. No VIII. Handwritten share certificate and personally signed by Hans Luther. Luther (1879-1962) was finance minister of Germany in the early 1920s and played an important role in the stabilisation of the German currency following a period of hyperinflation. In 1925-1926 he was the German prime minister (Reichskanzler). In 1930, he was made president of the German National Bank (Reichsbank). Three years later, he was made German ambassador to the United States, a position which he hold until 1937. After WWII,Luther came out of retirement to become an advisor for the new government. The Deutsche Golddiskontbank had the goal to meet the credit needs of the domestic companies, especially to facilitate export. Founded 1924, the company was organised as a holding company for participations in the German empire, e.g. it participated for 22% in the capital of the Commerzbank. In 1939 foreign shareholders in the "Deutschen Reichsbank" were asked to exchange their shares for those of the Golddiskontbank. Main shareholder remained the Reichsbank. After 1948 they started to liquidate the bank. In 1962 there was a first liquidation council for the private investors. The bank was finally wound up in 1969. Extremely high denomination and very rare.
Date: December 1932
Quality: EF
Startprice: € 400