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Lotnumber: 347
PARIS/BOIS DE BOULOGNE. 1 Action Nominative de F250. green, black. No 357. Generally worn condition, including some edge damage, heavy central folds with (repaired) tears and a few tiny holes. Yet, this is an extremely rare and early nominative share certificate from the Paris zoo, and as such much searched for by zoo collectors. On the Paris zoo: the Jardin Zoologiqued'Acclimatation du Bois de Bologne had its origins in a medicinal herb-garden, which was laid out originally in 1735, on the orders of King Louis XII. In 1790, after the French Revolution, the Garden was taken over by the State, and in 1794 came under the control of the Museum of Natural History. Since the exotic animals in the former Versailles menagerie needed new accommodation, the botanical garden became a zoo. In 1834 the well-known zoologist Isidore Geoffroy Saint-Hilaire, along with a number of citizens of Paris, proposed the establishment of a zoological garden, similar to London's, to domesticate animals from foreign countries. The company was founded on 1 April 1859, with a capital of 1 million francs. The Jardin d'Acclimatation was finally laid out on 22,5 Ha of land in the Bois de Boulogne, and was opened on 8 October 1860. The members of the company included, apart from the founding citizens, Emperor Napoleon III, princes, the higher nobility, and military officials. It was a large-scale and luxurious affair. The Franco-Prussian War caused serious losses to the animal stock of the garden, since, during the hard winter, every edible animal was killed by the people for food. The land was used as a military hospital. Although in earlier times animals from other lands were brought here to be made useful, today visitors see mostly indigenous animals. It is basically converted into a children's amusement park. This share was issued in 1883, the company capital was still 1 million francs divided into 2000 shares (partly bearer, partly nominative shares). Later, the capital increased to 2.050.000 francs. Dividend stamps until 1921. Certainly extremely rare.
Themes: ZOO & CIRCUS
Date: 24 February 1884
Quality: VG
Startprice: € 800