Result list 5 November 2022

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Lotnumber: 307
HAINAUT. BRUXELLES. Promessed'Action de 500fr. black. #24500. No 23765. Rather heavy folds and a little edge-damage, not affecting the printed part of the share. Already in 1825, an English company was highly interested in building a railway between the Sambre and Meuse rivers. However, the Dutch rulers refused to attributethe concession. When Belgium became independant, a new attempt was made. The reason is obvious, the line could be a major link between the 2 (navigable) rivers and as such better distribute the coal from the mines in Hainaut to the rest of the country,and likewise for the Liège mines. After negociations with the Belgian government, this company, with a capital of 12,7 million francs, was created. Its main shareholder was the Banque de Belgique. As the sum needed was immense, the company had to attract foreign investors as well. One such an investor was the French banker Vernes& Cie. The subscription was a great success: demand for the shares exceeded 100 times the supply. However, the company never succeeded in its goal. The contractor worked slowly and the Banque de Belgique was struck by a financial crisis. As a consequence, the company was already in liquidation by 1839. This is the second oldest Belgian roadroad share know to us (only the C.D.F. du Haut et du Bas Flenu, of which two pieces exist, is older: from 1835). The C.D.F. Sambre-Meuse is the only other Belgian railroad piece from the 1830s. Four pieces have been found late 2007. The three others are in firm collectors hands so this is the last available piece.
Date: 3 April 1838
Quality: VF
Startprice: € 400