Result list 5 November 2022

Here are the results of our 5 November 2022 sale. Unsold items can be purchased in our after-sale at the start price plus 20% sales commission (+ VAT/Postage if applicable). First come, first served. Offer valid until 4 Dec. 2022.

Lotnumber: 298
TRANSVAAL. JOHANNESBURG. Shares of £1. black. No 554. Somewhat damaged left border. Operates a mine in Transvaal, currently under the name of "South African Lands", a part of the "AAC Group". The certificate is handsigned by Bernard Oppenheimer. Originally from Germany (Friedberg), he left for South Africa in 1902 (together with his brothers Ernest and Louis). Cecil Rhodes, the legendary founder of De Beers had just died and in the years to follow, the Oppenheimer brothers took control over the world's number one diamond company. Bernard Oppenheimer was the most active of the three brothers. In 1921 he became Sir Oppenheimer and left the CEO job of De Beers to his brother Ernest who further expanded the company. A first class signature in excellent condition. Extremely rare.
Date: 24 April 1903
Quality: VF
Startprice: € 400