Result list 30 April 2022

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Lotnumber: 1151
4% Guaranteed Trust Gold Bond of $1000. green, black. No 995. The Atlantic & Pacific RR Co. was chartered 1866 to build a line from Springfield MO to the Pacific Ocean along the 35th parallel. The Central Division built the line as far as Albuquerque NM, and this Western Division continued it to the Colorado river, leasing a Southern Pacific line on into California. The Central Division was acquired in 1879 by the St. Louis& San Francisco, and this Western Division in 1897 by the Santa Fé. The bonds of this issue were guaranteed 50% by each of these two companies. Attractive vignette of a loco beside a busy harbour full of shipping, and watched by some cows. Uncancelled.
Date: 1 January 1887
Quality: EF
Startprice: € 50