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Lotnumber: 1149
COLORADO. DENVER. 8% Bond of $250. Serie B. brown, black. No 50. Folds with a few edge-splits. At the beginning of the 1880s, Marcus Mills "Brick" Pommery came to Colorado and to Georgetown to participate in that town's silver rush activities. His brother, Richard, was manager of the Stevens Mine above Georgetown and introduced him to the area. Marcus, being a successful publisher of a newspaper and pamphlets, had a strong consumer base of 100,000 and had no difficulties in spreading the idea of the Atlantic Pacific tunnel, under the Continental Divide (hence the name) which would link Georgetown with Leadville via Breckenridge. As such, it would enable Denver to have a gateway through the Rockies and shorten the railway distance between Denver and Salt Lake City with more than 250 miles. He soon gathered enough funds from Americans, but also from French and other European investors. Work actually started in November 1880. The Atlantic Pacific Tunnel was planned to start at Grey's Peak in order to tunnel 25,200 ft. The venture soon ran out of money and the financial panic in 1893 finally put an end to the project. Everything was sold to pay off the bankruptcy expenses and the tunnel closed down. After Pommery's death in 1896, there was again digging for a short time and the last trial was by the Denver and Salt Lake Railroad which bored a few thousand more feet through the tunnel and finally stopped. The tunnel finally became mining property. The bond is signed by Marcus "Brick" Pommery himself. Vignettes of a train, bear and Indian.
Date: 23 February 1887
Quality: VF
Startprice: € 200