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Lotnumber: 1014
PARIS. Part de Fondateur. orange, green. #2000. No 14. Folds. Large format. The French Panama Canal company went into liquidation in March 1889. While it was still widely believed the canal was a practical proposition, another solution for crossing the isthmus of Panama (and also of Malacca) was being proposed in Paris - lifting entire ships onto a gigantic flatbed rail-truck, and moving that, on a special rail-track, from one side of the isthmus to the other. The idea was not new: similar proposals were made in respect of Honduras in 1872 and Tehuantepec, Mexico in 1880. The French Government gave a brevet for the system to AmédéSébillot in 1887, updating it 1890. Sébillot founded a company in Paris in 1890 to carry out studies to obtain concessions for the building of his system. It is ofthis firm that we offer a founder share. Interesting central vignette of a ship being transported on the planned truck. Also a classical figure of 'Commerce'. Nothing further is known of the company, and it seems likely that the whole project was justforgotten, especially when in 1894 US interests restarted the Panama Canal project, with great energy and finance. A great piece of history.
Date: 1890
Quality: VF-EF
Startprice: € 500