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Lotnumber: 752
BUCHAREST. Bond of 1000 Thaler. black. No 11. Since 1415, the princedom of Wallachia was part of the Ottoman Empire, this lasted until 1859 when Wallachia was united with Moldavia to form the state of Romania. Yet, between 1768 and 1854, it was regularly occupied by Russian forces. So for instanceafter the Russo-Turkish War of 1828-1829, ending with the Treaty of Adrianople. In this treaty, the Sultan allowed Russia to occupy Wallachia until the Ottoman Empire had paid a large indemnity. The duty of overseeing Wallachia was left to Russian general Pavel Kiselyov who became the de facto governor of the principality. Under his reign, the region received its first 'constitution' (Organis Statute), a major tax reform was organised and massive urban works took place in Bucharest and other cities. To finance his rule, the Russian governor issued this (nominative) bond in 1833. According to the text, the money was to serve the treasury of Wallachia and repayment would take place in 1836 though notes on the back indicate actual repayment took place in 1837. The text is written in a Romanian (written in Cyrillic), hence close to the Russian language and enforced by the Russian rulers in the area since the 1820s (also known as 'Moldovan Language'). Heavily cut-cancelled over the whole size of the document, and with some edge-tears and small bits of paper missing around the borders and seal, but not into the printed part of the bond. Surely of the greatest rarity and of great historic interest being probably the only early Russo-Romanian scripophily and decades older than any other scripophily seen from that region.
Date: 1833
Quality: F
Startprice: € 1000