Result list 30 April 2022

The results of our April 30 sale are now online. Unsold items can be obtained in our aftersale until May 22 (first come, first served). .

Lotnumber: 520
PARIS. Action de F100=£4, unissued. Serie 1. blue, black. #200000. The company was formed in Paris in 1851, but became an English company in 1856. It bought out most of the other London bus businesses, and drove another competitor off the road. The share is splendid, with a wide border of the best-known sights of London, all named, and the British arms in the underprint. The border showing the sights reminds us of the paper of Omnibus de Paris, formed at the same time. The less decorative shares of the English company are better-known. At its height the Englishcompany owned 1300 vehicles and 17,000 horses, and carried 96.000.000 passengers per year. A magnificent piece important to the history of London public transport. Scarce printer proof (no issued pieces are known to us).
Date: 1855
Quality: VF-EF
Startprice: € 300