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Lotnumber: 487
PARIS. Action de F100. #1000. 4 different shares of the S.A. de Télévision Pirate. They all have the same design, but different use of colours. Designed and signed by Kiki Picasso (pseudonym of Christian Chapiron) as "Conseiller de la Propagande". Printed by silk-screen on marbled rhodoid plastic film. The company was formed to broadcast television programmes to the centre and eastern suburbs of Paris, from March 1983 ; the programmes were to consist of black humour, rock and roll, pornography, etc. Permission was refused by theMinistry of Communications, on the grounds that such programmes should be sent on a cable network ; this was unacceptable to the company, on grounds of cost. However, one night in July, the company sent out programmes, from a house in the poor 18th arrondissement, in the north of the city. Within a couple of hours the police arrived and shut down the station. Picasso (or Chapiron) is a well-known artist of the avant-garde school. He was born in Nice in 1956. His works, always brightly-coloured andstriking, have been exhibited in many leading galleries of modern art around the world. He often used controversial themes, including Anne Frank/Auschwitz, anti-Jewish sentiments (in a gift to a museum in Iraq), the Soviet invasion in Afghanistan, etc.A legal action to stop him using the name Picasso failed, partly because Paloma Picasso was using the name to advertise cosmetics and toothpaste.
Date: 1 March 1983
Quality: UNC
Startprice: € 200