Result list 30 April 2022

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Lotnumber: 421
PARIS. Action de F100, unissued. Serie J. green, black. #130000. Small edge-splits. Formed Paris, 1852 to build the named Palais, centre-piece of the first French Exposition Universelle, in 1855. Opened by the recently-crowned empereur Napoléon III. The exposition attracted more than 5 million visitors, and was the reply by the head of the French state to the success of the Great Exhibition in London in 1851. The Palais was built along the Champs-Elysées, in the grand carré des Jeux, between the Palais de l'Elysée and the avenue de Marigny, had a facade 208 meterslong, and a great glass roof. It was used for the expos of 1855, 1878 and 1889, the Paris Salons from 1857 to 1897, agricultural and horticultural shows, fêtes and public ceremonies. It was demolished from 1896, and replaced by the Grand Palais and Petit Palais we see today. The wide border shows many and varied symbols of industry and the arts.
Date: 1852
Quality: VF-EF
Startprice: € 300