Result list 30 April 2022

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Lotnumber: 181
69 RHONE. LYON. Action de F250. black. #2800. No 747. Folds. Formed Lyon, 1907. Lyon, as the historic centre of the French silk industry, was the obvious source of French interest in the industry in Indo-Chine. Although the various regions of Indo-China had a very long history of silk production, in the late 19th century the industry was fragmented and poorly-organised. The French colonial administration saw the obvious potential for improving the colony's economy. In 1904 a silk expert from Canton was engaged to establish a laboratory and plantationsat Phu-Lang-Thuong, in Tonkin, with government support. In 1907 this company was formed by a group of businessmen in the silk-industry of Lyon, to put the operation on a commercial basis, although still with government support. This was very successful, and the company's mulberry-tree seeds were distributed free to all small farmers who wanted them. The industry spread quickly, and Annam, Cochin-Chine and Cambodia followed suit. The French silk industry established new factories to exploitthe increased production of silk cocoons, and formed new companies, one of which absorbed this one. Very attractive share, with a border of silk-moths and -worms, cocoons, mulberry leaves, and Indochinese dragons.
Date: 25 Sept. 1907
Quality: VF-EF
Startprice: € 400