Result list 30 April 2022

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Lotnumber: 150
A group of papers discovered together with the shares in lots 148 and 149. They are: a letter from the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs re. the transfer of Chinese miners from Foutchou/Fokien to Boléo, a mine in Mexico. Three letters from the French consulate in Foutchéou on the same subject of emigrating Chinese working men to other countries. Clearly, the Vetch family was involved, and probably initiated this after, we think, the failure of the mining exploration in Fokien. A small booklet (in both Chinese and French) issued by the Chinese emigration servicesinFoutchéou, entitled "Colonisation Agricole chinoise en Indo-Chine - notes explicatives aux cultivateurs du Fokien". A blank 'livretindividuel' with text in Chinese and French for a Chinese worker from Fokien to emigrate. The lot also includes a similar, but filled in 'travel passport' issued to 'Chef TcheungTonn-Leï'. Another blank booklet (Chinese/French) is entitled Ouvrier Macon Tailleur de Pierre Chaufournier, contract individuel avec la Soc. de Construction des Chemins de fer Indo-Chinois. Finally, we see a photo (folded, with tears) of a group of several tens of Chinese workers. An interesting lot, telling the story of Chinese workers being put to work in other countries by the French authorities.
Date: 1901-08
Quality: VF-EF
Startprice: € 200