Result list 30 April 2022

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Lotnumber: 45
BRUXELLES. Action de Jouissance. brown, black. #5000. No 2522. Two heavy folds with repaired tear. A most attractive panorama piece. Very wide views of the two cities, with their coats of arms, and a lady representing painting and the military. Facsimile signature of Charles Castellani (1838-1913). Born in Brussels but moved as a baby to Bois-le-Roi, a small town close to Paris, he was to become the best-known painter of panoramas. His first exhibition was in the Salon parisien in 1868. Two years later, the Franco-German war broke out and Castellani was captured by the Germans. His time as prisoner of war later turned out to be a great source of inspiration. Indeed, many of these paintings and panoramas are filled with military scenes. He was internationally active, but lived most of his active years inBrussels during which he not only painted but also became director of several panorama companies, such as this one. Panoramas, as forerunners of cinema, were a major pass time in Europe in the late 19th century. This share, showing most attractive designs of the Rome and Madrid panoramas and facsimile signed by Castellani is a great sample of this almost forgotten part of leisure history. Extremely rare.
Province: BRABANT
Date: 15 December 1879
Quality: F-VF
Startprice: € 300