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Lotnumber: 29
PARIS. Action de F100. olive, black. #2500. No 823. Formed Paris, 1899. The diorama of the 'Fashoda Incident', as known in English, or the Mission Marchand, in French, was part of the great Paris exhibition of 1900. The Fashoda Incident was the climax of imperial territorial disputes between Britain andFrance in eastern Africa, occurring in 1898. A French expedition to Fashoda on the White Nile River sought to gain control of the Upper Nile River basin and thereby exclude Britain from the Sudan. The two armies met on friendly terms but back in Europe it became a war scare. The British held firm as Britain and France were on the verge of war with heated rhetoric on both sides. Under heavy pressure the French withdrew, securing Anglo-Egyptian control over the area. The status quo was recognised by anagreement between the two states acknowledging British control over Egypt, while France became the dominant power in Morocco. The Diorama was a popular entertainment that originated in Paris in 1822. An alternative to the panorama, the Diorama was a theatrical experience viewed by an audience in a highly specialized theatre. As many as 350 patrons would file in to view a landscape painting that would change its appearance both subtly and dramatically. Most would stand, though limited seating was provided. The show lasted 10 to 15 minutes, after which time the entire audience (on a massive turntable) would rotate to view a second painting. The decorative border shows a French colonial soldier and an Arab warrior. Only this one share is known to us.
Date: 8 September 1899
Quality: EF
Startprice: € 300