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Lotnumber: 624
BADEN-WÜRTTEMBERG. MANNHEIM. 4,5% Teilschuldverschreibung über 1000M. green, yellow, purple, black. #5000. No 1241. Jugendstil border, with vignettes of an early Mercedes car, and a static engine. Central fold, with repaired edge-tear. The company was founded by Karl Benz. Benz had a technical education and his engineering talent was soon evident. He worked for various companies and gained experience, leading him to a series of inventions from 1871. The emphasis was on engines. He concentrated on creating a reliable two-stroke engine, which he patented, following with the spark-plug, carburetor, clutch, gear-shift and radiator. In 1883he and others formed the Benz &Cie Rheinische Gasmotorenfabrik, usually referred to as Benz & Cie. The company allowed Benz to pursue his dream of a horseless carriage. His first creation was in 1885, as the first automobile designed as such, not simply a motorised carriage. It was successful only later, after modifications; 1888 saw the first commercial sales. About 25 were built in 1886-1893. By the end of the 19th century, Benz was the largest car company in the world, making 572 in 1899. This success, with that of static engines, led Benz to form a public company in 1899 - the one which issued this bond. In 1895 trucks, and later buses, were introduced. Competition from Daimler Motors in Stuttgart began tochallenge the leadership of Benz, and they were deadly rivals for years until starting to cooperate to mutual benefit. This finally led to a merger in 1926, as the Daimler-Benz company, calling all their cars Mercedes Benz. Benz died in 1929. Extremelyrare and desired bond.
Date: 20 March 1912
Quality: VF
Startprice: € 1600