Result list 16 October 2021

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Lotnumber: 485
21 COTE D'OR. DIJON. Contrat (the quittance is missing). black. No 122. In 1783 the Etats de Bourgogne raised a total of 3.800.000 Livres, in 4 tranches of 600.000 and one of 2.000.000 for its share of the cost of the construction of the Canal de Bourgogne and its related works. This is a bond for 3000 Livres, paying denier 20 (=5%). The canal, effectively to link the Seine and Rhône rivers, was first envisaged in 1605, but construction did not start until 1775, when the total expected cost was 7.800.000 livres. The crown paid for the part of the canal from the river Yonne to the high point on the Morvan massif, with the Etats de Bourgogne paying for the eastern part from the high point to the river Saône. Construction stopped during the revolution, and the canal was fully opened for navigation in 1832. The canal was an engineering triumph, and very successful until around 1850, but never realised its long-term commercial potential - partly because it was too narrow in parts for larger vessels, and partly because of railway competition. Total length is 242 Km, with 189 locks. Today the canal is mostly for leisure use, with limited commercial use at each of the two extremities. Only one other piece is known to us.
Date: 9 December 1785
Quality: VF
Startprice: € 300