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Lotnumber: 209
AMSTERDAM. 1 Aandeel van Fl.1000. black. No 701. Folds. Large format certificate, on thick paper (4 pages). The GeoctroyeerdeAfricaanscheVisscherySocieteit was founded 1802/03. It was one of the consequences of the Treaty of Amiens between Great Britain and Napoleonic France. This Treaty stipulated amongst others that the Cape of Good Hope was returned by the British to the Netherlands (at that time part of Napoleon's Empire). The Treaty also restored the possibility of whaling entrepreneurs to fish for whale in the southern seas. As aresult, The African Fishery Society was founded on August 2, 1802 in Amsterdam. Its purpose was to catch whales and seals in the waters of the Cape of Good Hope and to extract whale oil. The company capital was limited to maximum 2 million Dutch Guilders, divided into shares of 1000 Guilders. Money was raised both in the Colony as in the motherland. The Napoleonic government in the Netherlands granted the company a 20 years monopoly in southern whaling and sealing. Between 1803 and 1806, whaling operations were conducted from a land station near Cape Town and right whales were hunted. In 1806, the Dutch whaling company was abandoned when British forces took over Cape Town as part of the resume of the war between England and Napoleonic France. Only this one share is known to us. It is the only piece of scripophily known to us from the time that South Africa was a Dutch colony.
Themes: BEFORE 1800, FISHERY
Date: 1 April 1803
Quality: VF-EF
Startprice: € 6000