Result list 10 April 2021

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Lotnumber: 1026
Cert. of Deferred Shares of 1 Shilling. brown. No A420. Folds. The first taxicab company in New York City was the Samuel's Electric Carriage and Wagon Co. (1897), renamed the Electric Vehicle Co. in 1898. In early 1907, the company collapsed. Harry N. Allen took the opportunity to start a taxicab service inNew York and charge so-much per mile. He imported 65 gasoline-powered cars from France and founded the New-York Taxicab Co. to operate them. The cars were originally painted red and green, but Allen repainted them all yellow to be visible from a distance. By 1908 the company was running 700 taxicabs. In the following years, competing taxicab companies were founded, but this is a share from the first 'modern' New York taxi company!
Date: 21 February 1911
Quality: VF
Startprice: € 50