Result list 10 April 2021

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Lotnumber: 997
CALIFORNIA. SAN FRANCISCO. 4-page Deed. black on brown paper. No 1951. Folds. Deed in which the Central Pacific RR Co. sells for $1200 to a Mr. Montgomery and his heirs, 240 acres of land in the County of Tehama in the state of California. Personally signed by Leland Stanford as President of the Central Pacific RR. Stanford(1824-1893) was a major industrialist, tycoon and politician (governor of California and state senator) who founded Stanford University. He is however best remembered as president of the Southern Pacific and, beginning in 1861, the Central Pacific. Hehad tremendous power in the region and a lasting impact on California. He is considered by many as a robber baron. A most unusual and interesting document.
Date: 1 March 1881
Quality: VF-EF
Startprice: € 300