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Lotnumber: 864
WESTMINSTER, S.W. 5% Debenture of £100, specimen. blue, black. #7500. Most interesting bond, issued to fund construction of the port of Salina Cruz, at the Pacific end of Mexico's Tehuantepec Railway, and secured on the earnings of that railway. Vignettes of the port, and other Pearson constructions - the port of Vera Cruz, Mexico, Blackwall Tunnel, London, and Dover Harbour. The whole back page is a detailed map central America. The Pearson business started in 1844, when Samuel Pearson became a partner in a Huddersfield (Yorkshire) building and contracting firm. In 1856 this became S.Pearson & Son 'sanitary tube and brickmakers for local public works in & around Bradford'. The business worked mostly for railway companies, water-supply, drainage and sewerage for the new industrial towns. In the late 1870s it took on work outside the north of England, and it moved its headquarters to London in 1884. By 1890 it has become international, with work in the USA, Canada, Mexico and Egypt, later also in China, Spain, Malta & Bermuda. Mexico was the most important, withmajor port and railway work. In 1897 it became a limited company. 1901 took the company into Mexican oil, where it became a major force, but was bought out by Royal Dutch Shell. Electric power generation and supply in Mexico and Chile was also important. In the 1920s the construction side was closed down, and the company moved into London newspapers, banking and civil aviation. It came to own the 'Financial Times' and very many provincial newspapers. In recent decades, as Pearson PLC, it hasbeen active in commercial television, publishing (Penguin), and entertainment (Madame Tussauds). It is today a global media company, with business concentrated in education, business information and consumer publishing.
Date: 1902
Quality: EF
Startprice: € 300