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Lotnumber: 747
ST-PETERSBURG. Subscription Cert. for 1 share of 250 roubles. brown, black. No 92797. Central fold and some faint staining in upper right corner. Issued to the Petrograd Private Trading Bank. The Swedish entrepreneur Immanuel Nobel emigrated to St. Petersburg in 1837. Bankrupt by 1856, he returned to Sweden but his three eldest sons (Robert, Ludwig and Alfred) remained in Russia. Ludwig established a weapon factory. In need for more wood for his rifles, he sent his brother Ludwig to the Caucasus - an area rich of walnut forests. While in the Caucasus, Ludwig noted the natural oilsources and immediately saw their potential. Alfred, having gained a fortune through his invention of dynamite aided his brother financially and hence the Nobel oil business commenced. They were mainly active in Baku (Balachani, Sabutchinsk, Ramanino, Sarbatsk, Bibi-Eybat and on the Svjatij Island), in Dagastan (Kaitago, Tabassaransk, Birikeje) and in Transcaucasia (the Island of Tcheleken). This Nobel company was active in Baku, operating 3 refineries, a chemical company for the production of sulfuric acid and caustic soda, a machine factory (in support of its oil production), a ship dock and several hundreds of ships, thousands of railway carriages for the transport of oil, etc. By 1908, the company counted a workforce of 12.000 people and a turnover of almost 93 million roubles (approx. 3 billion euros today). Facsimile signature of Emanuel Nobel (son of Ludwig).
Themes: OIL
Date: 1916
Quality: VF-EF
Startprice: € 300