Result list 10 April 2021

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Lotnumber: 709
CHARKOV. Action de 250 Rbls. Serie 7. green, brown, black. No 10979. The company was formed 1879 by Alexej Kirillovich Alchevski. He started his business life as a tea-merchant in 1860. He later founded banks in his native Kharkov area of Ukraine, then turned to industry. His first venture here was the founding of this company, which owned 6 large coal- and anthracite-mines, coke-ovens and an iron-ore mine, employing more than 6000 people. Several other companies were also founded by him in the 1890s. At this time, he was worth 30 million roubles (in today's money – abillion euros). However, he had put all his money into these industrial enterprises, and when a crash came around 1901, he was bankrupt. He travelled to St. Petersburg to ask the Finance Minister for help, but then threw himself in front of the train bringing him back to Kharkov. Hand-signed by Alchevski.
Date: 1900
Quality: EF
Startprice: € 100